Stabilize Yourself in Recovery

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One of the best feelings in recovery is one of strength, gratitude, and stability. Of course, this always takes time. Whether you are seeking treatment for addiction or mental illness, it’s important to get yourself into a state of calm and clarity to start off your journey to recovery.

What is Stabilization?

Addiction and mental illness can wreak havoc on the stability of your life. Stabilization means reaching a point where you feel confident in the steps you need to take to move forward in healing and rejuvenation. For addiction, that’s likely going to first involve detoxification – if you’ve been battling with a mental illness, it could also include hospitalization. After you’ve had some time to really think through what you need, that first step of becoming sober and clear-headed is what will prepare you for what lies ahead. You can do this.

Your Next Steps

Detoxification is the process in which your body dispels the toxic chemicals acquired from substance abuse patterns. If you are ready to pursue this step, you may experience withdrawal symptoms. Your healthcare team at Avalon Malibu will be there to support you and provide you with non-addictive medication to help ease any pain or discomfort. If you pursue hospitalization, you will typically have 3, 5, or 7 days to obtain medication and speak with someone about what you need next – which could involve therapy in treatment.

At Avalon Malibu, treatment may include a number of different services – including medication, individual and/or group therapy, yoga, meditation, art therapy, and other holistic practices. There are a number of activities you can become involved in that could help you feel stronger than ever – and that’s all part of the process of stabilization.

We Can Help

If you haven’t already, speak with a professional from Avalon Malibu to learn more about how you can achieve stabilization and begin your journey towards recovery. It’s never too late to seek the help you need.

Avalon Malibu is a world-renowned mental health and substance abuse recovery center. We offer both a holistic residential drug treatment center as well as a residential mental health treatment center. By providing a nurturing and therapeutic environment, our clients are encouraged to participate actively in their recovery. If you are ready to seek treatment to develop the tools you need to overcome life’s obstacles and be on the road towards happiness, health, and well-being, call us today at (844) 857-5992.

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