Finding Fun Sober Activities During the Holidays

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With Thanksgiving and other holidays coming up, it can be a difficult time for anyone in recovery. Around Thanksgiving, Christmas, and other holidays, movies and commercials start to appear that are focused on family, friends, and being together – if a person in addiction recovery is currently not in close quarters with their loved ones, it can feel beyond depressing. These depictions of family around the holiday seasons can make us feel like we have to have this “picture-perfect” holiday if we’re living life the way it’s “meant” to be lived – otherwise, many people feel left out, hopeless and not worthy of love. If this is how you’ve been feeling lately, it’s time to recognize that the myths of family togetherness during the holidays are not always true. Holidays are just days – and just like any other day, they come and go. Not only that, but there are so many people out there who are struggling to get along with family members, or who too are working towards their recovery – so if you find yourself home alone this holiday season, do not be discouraged. 

If you’re not near family this holiday season, you can do the following: 

  1. Make yourself a nice breakfast, lunch and dinner. You won’t have to worry about eating smaller portions of food, or even saying that certain dishes taste better when they really don’t because you won’t have anyone else to please. It will feel more exhilarating than it feels lonely, and you may even have fun trying out different recipes for the holidays, too.
  2. Volunteer somewhere. Head to your local church or food donation center and spend some time distributing food to needy families, or wrapping gifts for those who can’t afford it. It will help you feel more connected to this world, and you’ll become happier and more connected from it, too.
  3. Start up a fun project. With an entire day to yourself, you can build or create something special to give to someone you love or to even decorate your own home with. Let your imagination run wild and get lost in the art of your project.

Don’t tempt yourself this holiday season by placing yourself in situations where it will be easy to drink/use drugs. Surround yourself with fun sober activities and people – and before you know it, the holidays will be over and you’ll be well on your way to another amazing adventure in recovery.

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