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Borderline disorder is one of the most difficult mental health disorders to both diagnose and treat. This is because there are a number of possible causes and each one requires a different treatment. It is thought that this disorder affects 2% of the overall population and is most prevalent in females. Many patients begin showing signs of the disorder in early adulthood with symptoms decreasing with age.

Signs And Symptoms Of Borderline Disorder

There are a number of symptoms of borderline disorder. Many of them relate to your relationships and abandonment issues. Patients with this disorder often have unstable and intense relationships with others.

They may have issues with real or imagined abandonment. In their mind, abandonment by a loved one indicates that there is something wrong with them. They may become angry if you are late or have to cancel a date. This may lead them to push people out of their lives before the person chooses to or not to leave on their own. Borderline disorder can cause a distorted self-image that may lead to destructive behaviors and suicidal tendencies.

Causes Of Borderline Disorder

It was once thought that borderline disorder was caused by some form of abuse. While many people who have been abused at some point in their life may suffer from the disorder, not all patients with the disorder have been abused.

Researchers now believe the disorder is caused by a combination of biological, psychological, and social factors (per NHS Choices) including, but not limited to:

  • Biological/Genetics – Inheriting from a parent the tendency to be emotionally unstable and aggressive.
  • Psychological – Altered serotonin levels in the brain or parts of the brain were smaller than expected or had unusual levels of activity.
  • Social/Environmental – Being abused, neglected, exposed to chronic distress or fear, or growing up with a family member who was an addict or who had a serious mental illness.

Borderline Disorder Treatment

Patients suffering from the disorder often have the thinnest skin and shortest fuses. They may push away friends and family for being involved and then scold them for leaving. This makes treating borderline disorder a unique process.

At The Grand House at Avalon Malibu we offer an individualized approach to treating any and all mental health conditions. With our relaxing environment and our emphasis in helping those who have lost their purpose and meaning in life, we can help you regain control of your life in a healthy way. We will help you to look inside yourself and find your will to succeed without relying on others for your happiness. Being self-sufficient and having a positive self-image is the first step to overcoming mental illness, including borderline disorder and co-occurring disorders (mental illness with a substance abuse problem).

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