Program Spotlight: Aqua Therapy And Its Benefits On Recovery

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You may have heard of water exercise or therapy for physical conditions and injury. Did you know that this activity helps in addiction recovery as well?

This month our Program Spotlight features our Aqua Therapy Program which strives to improve brain and physical movement and functionality, along with lowering stress and sleeping problems. With the ocean view and beautiful climate, Avalon Malibu offers a wide variety of aqua activities for clients in recovery!

Many people think of swimming and floating when they hear the term “aquatic therapy”, but there are actually a number of different techniques used by our trained therapists.

Our staff will design a customized program specifically for you that in addition to our other holistic and alternative therapies, can include aqua therapy.

Techniques And Benefits Of Aqua Therapy

There are eight types of techniques that we can utilize in our aqua therapy. Below we will focus on just a few.

Promotes Relaxation

Aqua therapy is a natural relaxant. Participants enjoy a peaceful and relaxing feeling to help relieve stress and worry. Some of our relaxing techniques include:

Ai Chi

This relaxing technique teaches you to enjoy the water in a flowing and powerful progression. By clearing your mind and going with the flow of the water, you can achieve a peaceful and relaxed state.


This helpful technique uses a combination of gentle massage, stretching, and joint mobilization. Throughout this technique you will be supported, rocked, and stretched to achieve the highest level of healing.

Fluid Moves

These moves are done in an upright position and are designed to stimulate your touch and pressure receptors.

Promotes Strengthening

Aqua activities are a great way to strengthen muscles that may have been neglected due to your addiction. Some of the techniques used for strengthening include:

Swim Stroke Training And Modification

This type of training should not be confused with swimming lessons. This technique is only to help clients use proper swim strokes to rehabilitate, improve muscle strength and tone.

Aquatic PNF

This is a technique in which you are instructed in functional mass movement patterns with or without assistance or resistance.

Bad Ragaz Ring Method

This method is used to retrain muscles, spinal traction or elongation, and building strength and tone.

Regardless of whatever type of treatment you need, our Aquatic Therapy Program at Avalon Malibu is designed to help you recover from your addiction and rebuild your health. Our trained aquatic therapists will design and guide you through a program designed especially for you based on your overall health and needs.

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