Should You Be Reaching Out To The Newcomer?

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The Alcoholics Anonymous Declaration:

The Alcoholics Anonymous Declaration:

I am responsible. When anyone, anywhere, reaches out for help, I want the hand of AA always to be there. And for that I am responsible.

You have a peculiar position to fulfill once you choose to become sober and live a life of recovery. For years, you probably struggled for people to understand you. Try as you may have, it felt impossible to find someone who wasn’t a fellow drug addict or alcoholic who knew exactly what it was you were going through. However you got into recovery, when you walked into your first group therapy session or first meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous, or a similar support group, a hand was reached out to you. That hand said, it’s okay, we know who you are, you don’t have to explain, and you are safe. The minute you become sober, you are given the spiritual job of being that hand to someone else.

But I Haven’t Been Sober That Long

Even if you are a newcomer yourself, you can reach out to others. Remember in your first few hours how daunting and impossible a few days seemed? If you have just a few weeks or months, that is lifetimes to someone who might only have minutes or hours. You don’t have to have any great wisdom or profound philosophy on life and sobriety. The only requirement for sobriety is a desire to be sober. By staying sober one day at a time you are the example of living sobriety. It may not be pretty and you may not do it “right”, but if you’re continuing to stay sober, you have a lot to give.

How Can I Give When I’m So Broken?

There is a saying in Alcoholics Anonymous- in order to keep it you have to give it away. Hope is contagious. Someone had to share their hope with you before your hope was confirmed and strengthened. If all you can give is an encouraging word and helpful hand, you’re giving a lot. Addiction and alcoholism come with a lot of shame, disappointment, and guilt. Most addicts and alcoholics no longer believe they are deserving of help, health, or happiness. Should you believe you are or not, it will help you and the newcomer to reaffirm that maybe it is possible. Recovery is possible for anyone who tries.

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