Setting Boundaries With Family Members During the Holidays

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The holiday season can be tricky to navigate. This is especially true when feeling pressured to attend family gatherings, fulfill expectations your family may have, and be around individuals you may not align with in terms of values and beliefs.

Setting firm, healthy boundaries may feel challenging, but doing so can lower feelings of stress and anxiety during the holiday season.

Plan and Be Prepared

Think about what you need to stay grounded during the holidays if they cause stress for you. Consider what boundaries need to be set — with yourself and those around you — to prioritize your needs during this hectic time of year. Make a note of where you will be going, who you might be seeing, and how long you will be at each place. Doing so can help determine what you need to maintain your recovery and mental health.

Practice Saying ‘No’ 

As uncomfortable as it can feel, it is OK to say no.

If you have people-pleasing tendencies, it can be empowering to cultivate confidence in saying no without explaining or justifying it to yourself or others. If it feels out of alignment for you and what you need, permit yourself to say no to an invitation or expectation presented to you.

Also, consider what topics may be off-limits for you to discuss with family and friends that would be more detrimental to your mental health than beneficial. Respectfully communicate that such topics are off-limits if they come up.

Know Your Support System 

Having a support system is not only a vital aspect of successful recovery, but it is also an essential part of navigating the holiday season regardless of where you are at in your recovery journey.

Have a plan of who you could contact when you feel triggered, such as a sponsor or friend. Having a support system to lean on is essential to holistic wellness.

Lean On What You Do Enjoy 

It can be easy to focus on what you do not like about the holiday season, which can lead you to forget about the experiences and traditions of this time of year that you enjoy.

What aspects of the holiday season do you appreciate? What are you especially grateful for?

Switching your perspective can allow you to create contentment in chaotic times. It can also lead you to realize what boundaries you may need to set with yourself and others to enjoy the holiday season.

The holidays can be a challenging time for many, especially for those navigating recovery. At Avalon Malibu, we recognize this challenge. We are here to support you in identifying what you need to successfully navigate recovery this holiday season in a way that makes sense for you. Whether through creating a plan for what you need, helping you set boundaries, or having a support system to lean on, we can assist you. You will be among professionals and peers who support a safe and secure environment. To learn more, call us today at (844) 857-5992.

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