Creating Boundaries With Yourself in Recovery

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Setting boundaries is an essential part of the recovery process. Most people think this relates only to setting boundaries with others, but setting boundaries with themselves is a pivotal aspect as well. Personal boundaries are the mental, emotional, and physical limits we decide to hold ourselves accountable to as we navigate the world. Setting boundaries is not always easy, but the benefits they will bring to you are worth any initial discomfort.


Why Setting Personal Boundaries Is Important


Personal boundaries can help us have a routine, which helps us to fight feeling overwhelmed or restless. In early recovery, keeping yourself in a positive emotional state and not feeling these types of emotions can help you stay focused and content in your path of recovery. Personal boundaries also enable you to operate within a framework that safeguards your self-worth, needs, and stability. 


Hallmarks of Healthy Boundaries


The right boundaries are unique to the individual, and what works for one person may not be right for the next. Figuring out what your boundaries are will take time and a little trial and error, but there are some good starting points for everyone when setting up healthy boundaries in their life. Your personal boundaries can only be effective and helpful if you actually follow them, so consistency is key. If you don’t know where to begin with setting up healthy personal boundaries in your life, see the list below for some key considerations.


  • Approaching relationships and social situations mindfully
  • Knowing when to say “no”
  • Treating yourself with kindness and forgiveness
  • Clear, honest communication with others
  • Having a framework of personal values that you stay true to 
  • Giving discretion with trust, i.e. having others earn your trust as opposed to trusting off the bat
  • Having enough personal “me” time
  • Taking responsibility for your actions


Setting boundaries will help you live life with your best interests in mind. Boundaries with others and yourself are equally important as you continue along your path of maintaining sobriety. If you or a loved one are struggling to get or remain sober, call Avalon Malibu. Avalon Malibu is one of California’s only residential treatment centers that treat both mental health and substance use disorders. At Avalon, we offer a continuum of high-quality, integrated care that meets the many needs of our patients. Contact us when you are ready to take the first steps toward lasting recovery at (844) 857-5992.

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