Putting Your Recovery First

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Putting Your Recovery First

Putting your recovery first can be challenging, especially on the days when healing feels particularly hard. Sometimes healing makes you feel on top of the world, and other times it can leave you feeling as if you are hanging on by a mere thread. Since motivation will not always be present, it is important to begin shifting your perspective on how you show up for recovery.

Now Is the Best Time

Although you may have more time for other obligations in life, if you do not put your recovery first, you may not be able to complete these activities with much presence. Put your energy first into your recovery, then into other things. It can be helpful to think about what could happen as a result of delaying receiving support and then weighing the pros and cons.

You Are Worth the Time

It is not uncommon to experience low self-worth in the pursuit of healing and recovery, especially if you have spent a lifetime people-pleasing and not truly understanding what you need. This may have caused you to never give yourself what you need, as this is not something you are necessarily taught.

Your healing journey can be an intentional time to get to know yourself better and unravel feelings of inadequacy. You can also expand into your innate worthiness and wholeness even when that does not feel good in the moment.

Sometimes Showing up Looks Different

What showing up for your recovery looks like and means may be different each day. Sometimes it may mean attending all of your sessions with your treatment team, and other days it may mean canceling plans to give yourself time to slow down and heal. You can sabotage yourself when you fall into the mindset of feeling as if healing needs to look the same every day.

Making a List

It may be helpful to make a list of what you need to do to prioritize your healing. This is so you know what it looks like to put your recovery needs that are in alignment with your true self over your past self.

Your list might include attending weekly therapy sessions, reaching out for support, establishing boundaries around the people, or finding new hobbies. Although not always easy, putting your recovery first is essential for experiencing long-lasting and sustainable healing.

Putting your recovery first is the only way recovery and healing can happen. Without putting your recovery first, it is easy to slip back into old patterns and ways of being. At Avalon Malibu, we recognize how challenging it can be to put your healing first, which is why we are here to guide and support you. Our team of professionals is here to support you in learning what you need for recovery and guiding you through this process. To learn more, call Avalon Malibu at (844) 857-5992.

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