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When most people think of addiction and recovery, they think of the hardships – withdrawal during detoxification, letting go of past pains, cutting off people who are no longer conducive to recovery, and much more. As with anything worthwhile, of course there are hardships – but there are also many, many bountiful positive elements to recovery as well. The more you focus on these positive elements, the greater the opportunity you have of bringing them into your life; in a very basic sense, it’s about the mindset that you hold. Your perceptions influence your actions, and your actions influence what leaves and comes into your life.

According to the University of Pennsylvania, positive psychology is important to look at because it draws on individual and community strengths that bring about hope, resilience, strength, growth and more in realms of recovery, love, social relationships, work endeavors, and other life experiences. By focusing on positive psychology when it comes to recovery, we can tune into the strengths that we currently have – in doing this, we hold much higher chances of success. A 2014 study published in the journal East Asian Archives of Psychiatry sought to review past research on positive emotions and positive aspects of recovery such as “creativity, optimism, resilience, empathy, compassion, humor, and life satisfaction”. When it comes to mental illness recovery, these positive elements have been shown to increase the well-being of those with depression, substance use disorders (SUDs), psychosis, and much more.

How can you incorporate these into your daily life? A major source of these positive elements is mindfulness, meditation, and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). All of these can provide you with healthier ways of thinking about and dealing with challenges of life such as distressing thoughts or situations.

If you haven’t already, speak with a professional from a reputable treatment center to learn more about programs that could assist you on your journey to recovery. It’s never too late to seek the help you need.

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