Positive Activities Shown to Boost Happiness in Mental Illness Recovery

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If you’ve been struggling with a mental illness, you may not consider yourself to be happy at times. Dealing with the symptoms of a mental illness can be challenging and can even take away some of the things you used to love about life, causing disconnection and further distress. One hopeful outcome of treatment is that you will become much happier as you regain control back over your life. It may take some time for you to feel comfortable utilizing the skills you’re learning in treatment, but there are some activities that you can start doing today to boost your happiness in recovery.

A 2014 study published in the Journal of Abnormal Psychology sought to explore diverse types of positive activities and how they can benefit a person’s well-being and overall recovery. Positive activities were defined as acts that promote well-being and protect a person from mental health conditions. Activities listed in the study were: thinking gratefully, acting pro-socially, thinking optimistically, savoring positive experiences, doing kind acts for others, counting one’s blessings, using one’s strengths in new ways, affirming one’s most important values, meditating on positive feelings towards oneself and others, visualizing one’s best possible self, and more.

The study emphasized that these positive activities can easily become reflective in many areas of life; for example, building on one’s strengths and doing kind things for others could lead a person to take on new opportunities they wouldn’t have before, or may lead them to a new friendship they otherwise wouldn’t have been led to. As individuals build compassion and love for themselves and others through positive activities, they improve their well-being and chances for success in recovery. If you are currently in recovery, consider the activities mentioned above and reflect on these questions:

  • Which ones are you quite active in practicing?
  • How do these activities influence your interactions with others?
  • How do they influence the way you view and treat yourself?
  • How might these activities contribute to your life overall?
  • Which activities do you need to practice more of?

The best part about practicing positive activities is that you can essentially practice them anytime, anywhere. You don’t need certain materials, just your mind, body, and spirit. Unleash your potential for happiness and begin incorporating more of these positive exercises today.

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