Opening Up To…

light hope

Psychological, psychiatric, and substance use disorders can make us feel like we’ve been shut off from the world. In fact, many of us have put a lot of effort into making sure nobody can get in. From trauma and abuse in our past, we learned early on that letting people, places, and things in usually led to hurt, pain, more abuse, and disappointment. To keep ourselves safe we made the sacrifice of shutting down entirely. Recovery teaches us that we don’t have to hide anymore. Over time we can learn to open ourselves up to many wondrous things in the world, embracing all that life has to offer. We are given a way to live life fully.

We Open Up To Feeling Good About Ourselves

Shame and guilt are meant to be teachers yet they often become toxic ghosts of a distant past. By ways of self-harm, self-sabotage, and other destructive behaviors feeling good about oneself becomes a challenge. Recovery is about recognizing the possibility that it might not be as bad as previously thought.

We Open Up To Caring For Others In A Healthy Way

If anyone was let in at all they were either let in on extremely restrictive circumstances, or without any boundaries at all. Having relationships when in lifelong recovery for mental health is a constant work in progress. Learning to care for, and be cared for, in healthy ways is about letting people in and being let in by others.

We Open Up To Forgiveness

Forgiveness means giving up all hope of a better past. Nobody really wants to live in the past yet they work awfully hard at keeping themselves there. Eventually in recovery, forgiving will become a second nature. At first, just the process of opening up to the idea of forgiving and moving forward in life is monumental.

We Open Up To Hope

Practicing giving up hope looking backwards towards the past helps with looking toward the future with hope. Hope is not exclusive to the spiritual or religiously minded. Hope is a global commodity, available to anyone who seeks it. Opening up to hope means broadening the horizons for what is possible.

We Open Up To Happiness

Happiness can truly feel uncomfortable when we are in the early stages of recovery. For some, it’s been awhile since they have authentically laughed loudly, smiled fully, and felt a sense of joy. We open up to happiness and the ability to experience joy in our lives. Free from the bondages of fear and shame, we can allow ourselves to know the happiness of living.

Avalon By The Sea offers certified dual-diagnosis treatment for primary psychiatric issues as well as substance use disorders. Our beautiful private residences are the home for healing within our therapeutic program. Focusing on mind, body, and spirit, Avalon provides treatment you can trust and results you can count on. For a confidential assessment and more information about our programs, call 1 888-958-7511.

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