New Study Shows That Singing In Groups Can Boost Your Mental Illness Recovery

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Whether you consider yourself the next Adele or you prefer to belt out tunes in the shower, music therapy is a wonderful way to relieve some stress. Previous studies have shown that music therapy – such as lyrical analysis, instrumental playing, music writing, and more – can reduce anxiety, improve healing, improve self-expression and communication, reduce depression, and much more. Symptoms of a mental illness can be very distressing at times, affecting nearly aspect of life. By partaking in music therapy, you’re widening the horizons to learn more about yourself and boost your creativity while also working through difficult emotions that may be hard to face on the surface.

A doctoral study completed in 2016 sought to explore the role of group singing in recovery; adults aged 18 to 72 years old participated in a 10-week community group singing program, with the researcher then assessing individual outcomes before, during, and after the program. Results from the study showed that participants found group singing to be beneficial to their recovery in a number of ways:

  • Being with others – engaging in something that connects one another and provides a shared sense of community really helps uplift those in recovery to feel a part of something larger than themselves
  • Feeling heard – many participants reported feeling respected with no judgment, providing individuals with a safe space to be themselves
  • Having a sense of purpose – knowing that others are going through pain too helped many participants to feel a desire to make a difference and be there for others

Music therapy involves more than just group singing. If that’s something you’re uncomfortable with, there are many other forms of therapy that can be centered around music. However, music therapy could a fantastic way for you to connect with others and build your sense of community while working towards your journey to recovery. If you haven’t already, speak with a professional from a reputable treatment center today to learn more about programs and which ones could be of interest to you.

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