Navigating Early Recovery: Common Challenges and Solutions

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Navigating Early Recovery: Common Challenges and Solutions

Early recovery can be extremely difficult to navigate. Living a sober life is a big adjustment for many people and it can be challenging to know how to deal with certain situations. In this blog, we’re going to go over some of the common challenges that many people face during early recovery.

Navigating Early Recovery

There are a few common situations that many people encounter during recovery. Let’s go over some common challenges, as well as possible solutions. As always, it’s important to reach out for support and get answers to your questions in recovery.


If your friends aren’t sober, you may find that it’s challenging to be around them. Many people find that making new friends who are sober is a great way to get support and make sure that they’re surrounded by people who understand them. If you want to meet other people who are also in recovery, consider joining a support group like the ones we have at Avalon Malibu. 

Another great way to make friends is to find people through online groups. There are many online groups for people who are in sobriety, and this can be a helpful way of connecting with others.


Parties and social situations can be incredibly challenging when you’re in early recovery. Many friend groups have alcohol at their hangouts, which can be challenging to navigate. In many situations, it’s going to be best for you to avoid things that could distract you from recovery. This may mean skipping parties altogether or setting strict boundaries for yourself if you’re going to be around substances.


Sometimes families aren’t supportive of recovery. At Avalon Malibu, we understand just how challenging this can be. If your family doesn’t support your sobriety, consider finding other support options. Making new friends can be a great way to be sure that you have support, so consider one of the options that we mentioned previously.

Early recovery is often one of the most challenging stages. If you’d like more information about support and treatment options, we’d love to speak with you about the services we provide here at Avalon Malibu. You can give us a call at (844) 857-5992 and we’ll connect you with a member of our staff. If you’re looking to take the first step, reaching out to us and making that decision is a great place to start. We hope to hear from you soon!

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