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Amidst the opioid crisis in the United States, it may feel as though our country needs quite a bit of reshaping. Even in tough times it’s important to remain positive towards those that are working hard to promote recovery. The Addiction and Recovery Awareness Music Fest in Westminster, Maryland “gathered music fans, treatment advocates and professionals, supportive friends and family members, and those in recovery at the event located in the Carroll County Agricultural Center”, according to reporter Brittany Britto of The Baltimore Sun.

Jesse Tomlin and Kyle Leonard created the event. According to the Carroll County Times, Tomlin stated, “I said let’s go above and beyond with it. I want to reach a lot of people, not just his followers. Let’s do something that’ll reach the whole community.” Rising Above Addiction, a non-profit organization that hosted the event, sold over 500 tickets and raised over $6,000 to go towards addiction treatment and recovery.  The event was held on July 15th, 2017, and began at 4 p.m. Entry was $10, and the event featured rap artists Rem One, Ridge Long, The Signifiers, Prospekt, and more. These artists were all featured because they are also going through recovery.

The main goal of the event was to promote the message that sobriety is obtainable. Featured speaker Bryan Novak, skateboarder from the MTV franchise Jackass, spoke about sobriety by stating, “This isn’t an epidemic…it’s a pandemic. I don’t know exactly how I can change the War on Drugs…but I let people know that recovery is possible. I want people to know there is a solution…there are resources available and most importantly if you’re breathing, it’s never too late”. According to The Fix, over 2,000 people died from drugs in Maryland last year, which was a 66% increase from 2015.

The music festival helped not only to inspire others, but to encourage people to support one another. It also attempted to prove the point that addiction does not discriminate – there is no one “type” of person or circumstance that can be pulled in by addiction. It can happen to anyone, and we all must come together to help each other get through it.





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