“I’ve Been There Before”: First-Hand Experience Is Important in Treatment

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Engaging in a treatment program can be a bit frightening, especially when you haven’t formed a support system yet and you are still learning the process. You may not know what challenges you’re going to face or how to overcome them, but the right treatment center will prepare you for these things. Over 3 million people each year receive treatment for an addiction, and around 1.2 million people in the United States seek treatment for both a mental illness and an addiction. Although these numbers are quite low in comparison to the total number of people who need treatment, they do have one benefit: many of these people have come back to help others.

Not all therapists and healthcare staff at treatment centers have experienced first-hand mental illness or addiction in their personal lives. Many have experienced the struggles of those closest to them. Either way, there are many benefits to having professional health workers who have been through the process of mental illness, addiction, treatment, and recovery before:

  • You may feel they understand what you’re going through better
  • You may feel confident in trusting their judgment or asking them questions
  • You may look up to them as person who’s been in active recovery for many years
  • You may aspire to help others the way they have helped you

However, the role of the therapist or group leader is not to place the focus on themselves, it is to place the focus on your recovery. You may not actively hear healthcare professionals discussing their firsthand experiences, but some may share on a case-by-case basis if the situation will help them convey or solidify a message with you. Once you’ve made it through your treatment program and have worked diligently on your recovery for a long time, you may consider helping others by working at a treatment center.

We all want to feel heard and understood, especially when it comes to our recovery. Having professionals around you that have gone through similar circumstances helps solidify a connection between human experiences – further strengthening your social support network and giving you more people with whom you can go to for guidance.

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