How does the Sanctuary Model Promote Forward Thinking?

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In any treatment center or organization for social welfare and advocacy, optimal treatment for all people should be the focus. Although the Sanctuary Model could benefit many other types of organizations, these organizations in particular utilize this model because their core focus is to help people better themselves through use of medication, therapy, activities, case management and more.

Developed by Dr. Sandra L. Bloom, a board-certified psychiatrist and graduate of Temple University’s School of Medicine, the Sanctuary Model is an evidence-based, trauma-informed, complete system of organizational change process. There are four main pillars that the model is based on: 1) shared knowledge, 2) shared values, 3) shared language, and 4) shared practice. Through the use of shared meaning, organizational members can work towards building a future that supports everyone involved, in every way possible.

By establishing a shared system, team members and clients can be prepared for future events and can easily navigate daily challenges by referring to the system’s core values and commitments. The Sanctuary Model implements commitments to nonviolence, emotional intelligence, social learning, open communication, democracy, social responsibility, growth, and change.

In organizations that deal with mental illness and/or addiction, unforeseen circumstances may arise and, if not prepared for, could be detrimental to the people involved. All organizational members must feel confident in their capabilities to handle emergency situations just as they should feel confident handling daily interactions with clients. This knowledge base and confidence builds trust between employees and clients alike –  ultimately strengthening a lending-learning environment. There are a variety of ways in which the Sanctuary Model focuses on the future:

  • By redefining what safety means for everyone
  • By identifying and confronting perpetrator behavior before it worsens
  • By being better able to articulate goals and create strategies for change
  • By increasing an organization’s ability to respond to both loss and change
  • By producing better outcomes for both clients and employees

If you’re researching reputable treatment centers, be sure to identify whether or not the treatment center you are considering works with the Sanctuary Model and ask them what steps they have taken to put the model into action. A reputable treatment center will likely be using this model to ensure safety, education, effectiveness, prevention and advocacy for everyone involved.

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