How Does Neurofeedback Therapy Work?

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Neurofeedback is the use of electronic instruments to learn more about a person’s body’s physiological functions. This includes the functions of the brain, which is called neurofeedback. The concept is based on neuroplasticity, the brain’s ability to change and adapt through reorganization. In neurofeedback therapy, EEG tests monitor brain waves and how a person reacts to certain stimuli. Over time, the brain can become conditioned to respond differently to the same stimuli. Neurofeedback and conditioning of the brain play a significant role in relapse prevention.

Four Types of Brain Waves

Neurofeedback monitors cortical activity, or brainwaves. These are the four types of brainwaves:


  • Beta – these waves are associated with alertness and tend to generate when someone is engaged in a cognitive activity like problem-solving or critical thinking.
  • Alpha – these waves are associated with the mind-body connection and mental coordination. Activities like taking breaks from work or taking a moment of silent reflection tend to generate alpha waves.
  • Theta – these waves are associated with memory and subconscious information. This type of wave is generated when someone is completing a repetitive task. 
  • Delta – these waves are mostly generated during deep sleep when dreaming does not occur. They are associated with healing and regeneration.


These wavelengths may occur at the same time but at different levels. When someone uses substances or has a mental health disorder, these wavelength associations become unregulated. Using neurofeedback theory can help regulate the associations of emotions and behaviors with wavelengths. This therapy can treat several other issues apart from substance use, including PTSD, depression, and anger.


Neurofeedback therapy can help to rid yourself of old habits and emotions that are no longer serving you. The software allows therapists to create a brain map to show which parts of the brain and their activity may be out of the norm. These kinds of assessments are used to help create a plan tailored to an individual. Neurofeedback is proven to help in relapse prevention, conditioning the brain to respond differently to recognizable stimuli, such as substances. At Avalon Malibu, our staff is trained in neurofeedback therapy. Our goal is to help you shed old behaviors that aren’t working for you anymore. We can create a tailored treatment for you or a loved one in need of help for substance use disorder or mental health disorders. Our facility combines evidence-based mental health therapies and effective addiction treatments to provide you with comprehensive care supported by an integration of mind, body, and spirit. To find out more about our neurofeedback therapy, call (844) 857-5992 today.  

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