How can I throw a sober party for New Year’s?

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Happy New Year

New Year’s is a time to reflect on the past year and have hope for the future. It’s a time to celebrate with friends and loved ones, converse with those you haven’t seen in awhile, and have fun. Many people have been choosing to throw “sober parties”, an event where the host can control the temptations of alcohol to help their own and others’ recovery, or to create a welcoming environment for a sober loved one. Hosting a sober party is a fantastic way to connect with others in a safe and clean environment. The following are steps you can take to host your own sober party for NYE:


Gather your list of guests.

These could be people that you enjoy talking to in your recovery group, supportive family, or other friends that you can rely on. Consider if the people you’re inviting uplift and support your sobriety and work in recovery. New Year’s Eve can be tempting, so you want to ensure you have a great support system who would love to celebrate by having a sober party with you.


Decide on a theme or scheme of events that you’d like.

If you settle on a theme, you can ask your guests to dress up according to your theme of choice. The Huffington Post also suggests activities such as bowling, laser tag, outdoor hiking, spa day, art class, cooking class, amusement park, concert, sleepover, and professional sporting event as a few fun activities that everyone might enjoy together for New Year’s. Make sure that everyone has and pays for their tickets ahead of time.

Get any gifts/decorations for the party.

Small gift bags could include inspirational quotes, recovery jewelry, sobriety poster, and treats.

Plan well in advance.

Make sure that you and your guests have a babysitter for the kids if you need one, transportation plans and carpooling options, and food arrangements already prepared, and reservations made if needed. New Year’s Eve can be hectic, so making sure everyone has plans all set out with help the day and evening flow that much smoother.

Avoid drinking too much caffeine or excessive sugar intake; those in recovery often try to replace alcohol with caffeine or sugar, which can cause them to feel jittery most of the night. Make healthy decisions with your loved ones, stay safe, and create memories to last for years.

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