The Best Things You Can do for Yourself on New Year’s Eve

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So many things happen on New Year’s Eve. Parties, dancing, food, music, games – you name it. While New Year’s Eve can be a wonderful time to spend with friends and family, there are many things that can set you up for failure both psychologically and physically that night. Taking care of both your physical and mental health can ensure that you will have a safe and successful evening with those you love. Implement the following things on NYE to optimize your mental and physical health:

  • Make the decision to not over-indulge. U.S. News claims that by the time NYE rolls around, many people have built-up stress and anxiety, so they rationalize drinking too much to stay calm and relaxed. Additionally, many people feel that with their New Year’s resolutions, they can over-indulge as a “last hoorah” before making a huge change in their life. However, resolutions often fail, and many are left with consequences. Make the decision to limit yourself on what you will and will not accept, and stick to it.
  • Have an exit-strategy. Make sure that you have your own vehicle the night of, or have a reliable ride for the way home so that if you want to leave early, you can. Knowing that you can leave a situation may help you feel more confident in saying “no” if being asked to drink more than you’d like.
  • Have an accountability-buddy to spend the evening with. Having a friend whom you can rely on throughout the night who has the same goal of sobriety and safety can help you reinforce your goal. Establish a “code-word” that tells your friend when you’re ready to leave, so that you can feel comfortable and safe throughout the evening.
  • Choose to engage in NYE activities that aren’t centered around drinking. Selecting NYE activities that promote discussion, creativity, and laughter are best for mental health. If you have friends who would like to have sober fun, this could be a terrific way to not feel pressured to drink.


There are many steps that you can take to promote your health and safety throughout the night. Stay aware of potential triggers and stressors, and have a plan of action for how you will deal with them should they arise. Ensure you have a support system whom you can rely on if you get into an emergency or need to leave. This may help ease some anxiety while also keeping you safe. Make the decision to place your mental health and safety as top priority this New Year’s Eve.

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