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Many people search for outlets to feel their emotions and work through their struggles – some outlets are healthy, such as an adequate amount of exercise, taking on a new hobby, or jotting down thoughts can be effective ways of coping. Music is another great avenue, as music allows us to express ourselves creatively and connect with another person’s life experiences through their lyrics or musical instrument. If used effectively, music can be a wonderful stress management tool. Music provides a soothing, relaxing atmosphere where you can release your stress and overcome negative thoughts.


  • Nature sounds – thunderstorms, rain, birds chirping, ocean waves, and woodland audio can help you feel more serene and at peace.
  • Ambient musicwithout lyrics, this type of music is mainly gently, largely electronic instrumental music with no defined beat and is used to create feelings of relaxation.
  • Classical music – famous composers such as Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, and more have created pieces of music reflected most traditionally in Western style.
  • Baroque-style classic musica style of Western art music, this is comprised of a single melodic idea and may incorporate orchestral components of strings, winds, and harpsichord with very little percussion.
  • South Indian Carnatic instrumental music – South Indian traditional classical music that is presented vocally and most compositional music is meant to be sung. Instruments played of this style of music are known as ‘gayaki’.
  • Gregorian chant – a song typically used in the Roman Catholic Church, this style of music consists of a single vocal line in free rhythm and a restricted scale. This style of music has been sung for centuries in unison and without accompaniment.


There are several styles of music that can prove to be relaxing and anxiety-reducing. The University of Nevada states that Native American, Celtic, Indian stringed-instruments, drums, and flutes are very effective at relaxing the mind and easing unruly thoughts. Choosing the right type of music all depends on what works best for you. Practice giving yourself 20 minutes each night before bed the sole purpose of listening to relaxation music. After several nights of trying diverse types, determine what relaxes you the most and stick to it. This will help you sleep better, calm your anxiety, and clear your mind.





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