Holistic Therapy for Substance Abuse: Overcoming Addiction Body, Mind & Soul

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Holistic refers to the idea that the whole is greater than merely the sum of its parts. In relation to holistic therapy for substance abuse, this concept has wide ramifications.

Research has showed that addiction is a systemic brain disease marked by compulsive drug-seeking behavior. Of course, there are surefire methods of helping a person get clean. However, even these methods don’t always take into consideration the whole individual.

The holistic approach to treating substance abuse goes beyond traditional therapies such as those for individual, group, or family through behavioral or pharmacological treatment. Instead, this approach promotes recovery by healing the mind, body and soul.

What is holistic therapy for substance abuse?

In conjunction with complete abstinence, withdrawal and detoxification support, a 12-step-program and evidence-based therapies like cognitive-behavioral therapy, holistic modalities incorporate other healing practices that strengthen an addict’s coping skills.

Frequently, high stress levels, anxiety, depression, sleep disruption and other factors play into drug dependency. With holistic programs offering an endless list of therapeutic options like massage therapy,  acupuncture, or yoga, clients have access to methods that allow healing from the inside out and the outside in.

You can pick and choose which options seem most attractive to you, participating in a variety of activities and regaining a sense of control and passion for life.

These programs offer you skills beyond those required to stay sober, helping individuals mend broken relationships, develop a sense of identity, rebuild self-esteem, and find healthier strategies for dealing with life’s ups and downs. In other words, these programs bring you to a successful sober recovery.

For the Body

Depending on the treatment center you select, you will have access to a range of physical activities. Scientists have long since established that exercise during recovery can keep you on the road to success by boosting your energy and mood, rebuilding a healthier brain from what has been damaged by long-term drug use, and brightening your outlook on life. At holistic substance abuse treatment centers, you can strength-train in the gym, run outside, surf or dance.

For the Mind

Feeling strong enough to cope with typical life stressors is essential during recovery. When treatment is over and you return to your normal environment, your treatment team wants you to feel capable of handling your problems in an adaptive, healthy way.

In addition to therapy that replaces negative thought patterns, you can improve your mental state with physical activity plus calming practices like yoga.

For the Soul

The final way holistic treatment approaches connect with their patients is by giving them the freedom to repair their inner spirits.

Many substance abuse treatment facilities that offer holistic therapies are nestled among gorgeous natural environments where a deeper healing can take place. Get back in touch with your spiritual side by taking long walks on the beach, hikes through the woods, engaging in prayer, or meditating.

Learn more about how holistic modalities to treating addiction can help you through this difficult time in your life. Contact the professional team at Avalon Malibu for more information.


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