Help Me Help You: Helping Your Families Help You When You Have A Mental Illness

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Living with mental illness can be a challenge. There is hope. Learning to live with mental illness and a family who supports you is a work in progress with beautiful rewards.

Be Open To Receiving Help

Human to human connection is one of the most powerful and healing forces on earth. Unfortunately, some abuse this relationship, creating a lot of fear around connecting with humans. However, the love and support you receive from your family can be precious when you are in treatment for a mental health disorder. You’ve likely struggled with the weight of your mental illness alone for some time. Yes, you are a survivor. No, you don’t have to keep doing it alone. You are deserving of being loved and supported. Even if you can’t do it right away, or all the time, start by being open to it. Letting your family know you are open to it, but struggling to figure out how will mean a lot to them and it is important for you.

Find Gratitude Even When You Get Annoyed

You’re learning how to have different responses, manage your emotions, and be considerate towards others with a sense of compassion. The truth is, your family is doing the same. They are learning how to support you through every emotion, episode, event, and more. Just like you in your new recovery, your family isn’t always going to do it perfectly. They’re learning to have grace, patience, and empathy for you. In return, it is important to try to express the same to them. Even when you’re in your worst mood, having the hardest time, or feeling the most pain, you can find some gratitude for their attempts. You might find that it helps you get through.

Be Forgiving, To Yourself And To Your Family

Everyone is trying their best. With and without mental illness, we all have tough days. When there is a slip up, a mistake, a harsh word, or other instances, have forgiveness. Holding onto bitterness and resentment is not health for your recovery or your family’s.

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