Finding the Positives of OCD: Reclaiming Your Story

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Finding the Positives of OCD: Reclaiming Your Story

We spend so much time as a society talking about the negatives that come with psychological conditions – but despite the grief they can cause us from time to time, there are some positives that we can focus on, too. Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) is marked by characteristics of obsessions (intrusive thoughts) and compulsions (urges); in many cases, OCD can hold a person back in their relationships, work and other pursuits. However, there are some positives that we can find with OCD, and these positives may help us gain a sense of reclaiming over our story.

In 2017, writer Lance Weiss shared some incredibly powerful benefits to having OCD:

  1.     Heightened Creativity – when channeled in the best ways possible, OCD can provide us with a greater sense of creativity, which can be used towards problem-solving or projects
  2.     Detail-Oriented – many work endeavors require precision and detail, and this skill can often be honed in my those with OCD
  3.     Driven – many professional athletes have proclaimed to have OCD, and it’s their drive for success that’s gotten them there
  4.     Greater Empathy – those with OCD tend to empathize with others to a greater extent because they more easily understand the challenges that other people may go through; in this capacity, greater support can be provided to make the world a better place

A few years ago, My OCD Voice, a website that aims to allow those with OCD a chance to share their stories, published an article describing some other positives to having the disorder, such as: having an amazing memory, being able to focus on a topic of interest for extended periods of time, succeeding in math class, becoming a valuable resource in emergencies, and more. If you were to take a few moments to think about the ways that OCD has benefitted you rather than held you back, what could you say?

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