Determining Which Treatment Program Is Right for You

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Determining Which Treatment Program Is Right For You

Realizing it’s time to seek treatment can be difficult, and understanding different treatment programs can add even more stress. With three various treatment programs, we’re here to help you determine which is suitable for you or your loved one. At Avalon Malibu, we offer three different yet effective recovery programs: residential, intensive outpatient, and partial hospitalization. Discover what these programs entail and which one best fits your recovery.

Residential/Inpatient Treatment

Also referred to as inpatient treatment, residential treatment is one of the most common recovery programs. Residential treatment programs include full-time care where the client resides at the facility. At Avalon Malibu, those in inpatient treatment will receive care in a fully scheduled program. Each day is carefully structured to help clients acquire a healthy regimen and access many therapies and healing activities.

Here are some examples of those who should consider residential treatment:

  • Struggling with chemical dependency or mental health disorders
  • Recently finished a detox program
  • Don’t have a stable or supportive living environment
  • Have not had success in outpatient treatment
  • Are seeking or in need of comprehensive, full-time care

To regain and maintain a sober life, clients need to surrender to recovery and end the destructive cycle characterized by substance abuse or mental health disorders. Avalon Malibu’s residential program is located in Malibu, California, where you or your loved one can start fresh and enter a safe and structured living environment. At Avalon Malibu, you have the chance to reset and begin recovery ultimately.

Our residential programs use a wide range of evidence-based therapeutic methods to pinpoint negative patterns and transform them into positive ones. We aim to help you build mental, physical, and spiritual health while establishing recovery-oriented habits and hobbies that will last a lifetime. Clients will be exposed to various methods in order to explore the treatments available and find the therapies that work best for their lifestyle. Therapies available include art therapy, pain management, and yoga.

Intensive Outpatient (IOP)

The intensive outpatient program offered at Avalon Malibu is guided by the same team of experienced professionals that lead residential treatment programs. IOP offers high-quality recovery methods and structure while also allowing them to live offsite or in our transitional living environment.

All outpatient programming offered at Avalon Malibu is licensed by the California Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) and delivers excellent care for mental health and substance use disorders. Clients can join the IOP program after finishing an initial residential program; however, this is not always the case.

Our outpatient treatment program is ideal for those who:

  • Feel close to relapse and want structured treatment to stay on track
  • Are not currently struggling with active substance abuse or severe mental health concerns
  • Have a support system and a healthy home life or are residing in a supportive sober environment
  • Can manage medications on their own
  • Maintain important obligations like work, school, or family responsibilities
  • Completed primary residential treatment

IOP at Avalon Malibu is a part-time alternative for those needing ongoing treatment but not necessarily residential care. Clients participating in intensive outpatient programs should live within driving distance of our facility in Malibu, considering they will need to attend group and individual therapy sessions throughout the week.

Weekday treatment sessions allow clients to continue their daily responsibilities while living at home or in our sober living environment.

Partial Hospitalization (PHP)

Once you’ve decided to seek help, you may be worried about leaving your daily life to enter residential treatment. That’s why partial hospitalization, or PHP, is offered at Avalon Malibu to help you recover with minimal changes to your daily responsibilities.

Our PHP at The Bluffs offers a more flexible treatment choice that provides the professional care needed without leaving your personal life behind. PHPs are a level of care in mental health or substance abuse treatment that allows clients to participate in intensive, high-quality recovery activities used in residential treatment while continuing to live off-site.

PHP is best for those who:

  • Don’t need or have recently completed detox
  • Are stabilized and are not actively struggling with ongoing substance use or severe mental health concerns
  • Have a supportive, recovery-oriented home or living environment if not staying at the bluffs house
  • can’t commit to residential care due to important career, academic, or family responsibilities
  • want to regain a foothold in recovery after a mild relapse
  • need ongoing support after primary residential treatment

At Avalon, you also have the choice to live in The Bluffs house while in treatment which provides a stable and immersive recovery environment. Staying at The Bluffs house makes attending meetings, joining therapy, and participating in recovery-oriented activities easier.

Whether staying at The Bluffs or your own home, PHP provides more flexibility than residential treatment while still receiving high-quality care. Avalon Malibu will help you handle personal, professional, or familial responsibilities while practicing your new recovery skills.

Discovering what you need in your journey to recovery and wellness can be difficult. Choosing the right treatment program for you is essential, but there’s no need to worry. Whether it be residential or outpatient, Avalon Malibu can guide you on your road to healing through proven therapeutic methods. At Avalon Malibu, we are here to help you decide which of our effective programs is needed either for you or your loved one. A safe and sober environment is the first step to recovering from addiction and substance abuse. We are here to meet you, get to know your story, and support you to find out what you need to improve your overall mental and physical health. Find out which of our recovery treatment programs is best for you or your loved one at Avalon Malibu today at (844) 857-5992.

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