Discovering What You Need to Find Healing

Discovering What You Need to Find Healing

It can be hard to know what you need to experience healing, especially if you have spent a long time feeling at war with yourself because of addiction or mental illness. Perhaps it seems as if you do not know what you truly need, or how to even find out what you need. Part of healing is about learning to understand what your true needs are, and building self-trust to honor them.

You Were Born Intuitive

Whether you remember a time you felt your intuition kick in or not, there was a time that you knew what you needed. When you were little, you cried when you needed attention, ate when you were hungry and stopped when you were full, slept when you needed to sleep, and were curious about the world.

Yet, there usually comes a point in life where you lose this connection to yourself due to stress, anxiety, addiction, trauma, and a host of other factors. Additionally, as you grow, your needs become more complex. Whatever brought you to that place, you have a chance now to re-learn how to identify your needs. Healing creates space to get back in touch with this intuitive aspect of yourself, as you are an intuitive being, even when your intuition gets crowded out by the complexities of life.

Minimizing External Noise

An important factor in being able to access what you need for healing in your journey is creating space for stillness. When you are still, you can begin to hear your inner voice, which can oftentimes be turned down or muted to the volume of stress, comparison, and the inner critic.

The more you create space and time to tap into yourself through meditation, rest, self-care, and treatment, the lower the noise of distractions will become and the clearer you can hear your inner voice.

Giving Yourself Time

In this journey, it is important to be patient with yourself. When you live most of your life in a constant state of stress, chaos, judgment, overwhelm, addiction, and mental illness, the “off” switch for these conditions is hard to find—and to keep off. Healing and unlearning patterns take time.

Unless you sit in the space of not knowing what you need, we will not be able to know what you need. That is one of the paradoxes of healing. Through anchoring into intuition when you can, minimizing external noise, and being patient with yourself, you can discover what you need to heal and be yourself.

Discovering what you need in your healing journey can be difficult. Healing can create space for you to contact the intuitive part of yourself again. At Avalon Malibu, we are aware of how difficult it can be to slow down, make space for your healing, and allow others to support you. That is why we are here to meet you where you are and support you in a way that helps you find out what you need to improve your well-being. Call Avalon Malibu today at (844) 857-5992.

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