Dependent Personality Disorder

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Dependent Personality Disorder

A dependent personality disorder is characterized by the anxious feeling of being alone or the inability to be alone. Individuals who suffer from this disorder rely on other people for comfort, reassurance, advice, and support. Some people experience something similar, for example feelings of insecurity. However, the major difference is people suffering from DPD need constant reassurance to function.

This disorder typically presents itself by showing symptoms of:

  • submissive behavior
  • reliance upon others for decision making
  • paranoia of rejection
  • feeling hurt or disapproved of easily
  • inability to be alone
  • hypersensitivity and sensitivity to criticism
  • fear of abandonment
  • nervousness/anxiety
  • panic attacks
  • extreme fear

There are other disorders like anxiety that can result in similar behavior. A psychologist or psychiatrist can make the proper diagnoses of DPD.

Suffering from DPD can feel at times life-threatening. Individuals who suffer from this are at constant war with themselves and it makes it difficult to maintain relationships with others. Having relationships with people can feel impossible at times because you are in constant worry of either what they think of you or fear that they are going to leave your life at some point.

It sometimes feels like living this way is normal because it is all you have ever experienced. This can lead to feelings of hopelessness or feeling unworthy. However, there is a treatment that is available if you suffer from DPD. DPD does not define who you are and does not have to rule your life forever.

A helpful form of treatment for this is talk therapy. With talk therapy you can relay your thoughts and fears in a safe place that doesn’t feel threatening. It is hard for those who suffer from this to trust their thoughts or actions.

With the help of a licensed professional you can slowly build your confidence and they can help guide you into individual reliance. The fears that we experience are not real even though they feel as if they are. It’s important that when you start the recovery process you do not get frustrated with yourself.

It can feel tedious or as if you are not making progress, however, the truth is that just the awareness and acceptance of help is sufficient to make a start.

At Avalon Malibu professional psychologists are available to treat a person that suffers from Dependent Personality Disorder. It is understood that sometimes the individual will rely heavily on their treatment specialist. Avalon Malibu makes sure to create safe and helpful boundaries to set the individual up for success and lead a self-sufficient life. Call today at (844) 857-5992.

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