Can Certain Types of Alcohol Affect you Differently than Others?

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It is common knowledge that substances affect men and women differently; while both men and women are just as likely to become addicted, women require less alcohol to become intoxicated than men do. This is caused by the absorption of alcohol and the rate at which the body metabolizes it. However, can certain types of alcohol affect a person differently? Understanding the ways in which various forms of alcohol can affect your body may give you an upper hand on preventing serious side effects, excessive consumption, and development of addiction.

Dark liquors such as whiskey, tequila, and dark rum can give you the most intense hangovers. This is because these types of liquor contain more congeners, which are by-products of alcohol fermentation – also responsible for giving these drinks their dark color. Damaris Rohsenow, a professor at the Center for Alcohol and Addiction Studies at Brown University, stated, “While the alcohol alone is enough to make people feel sick the next day, these natural toxic substances can add to the ill effects as our body reacts to them.” Lighter liquors such as vodka, gin, and light rum can cause just as intense hangovers as darker liquors, but the symptoms will not be as harsh.

Many people feel that wine is a safe option, but it can easily take you to intoxication if not approached with caution. For example, red wine – just like dark liquors – has a high number of congeners which can give you the worst hangover. Drinking 1 small glass of wine a day can help lower the rate of heart disease, but drinking a lot of wine can increase the risk of heart disease drastically. Champagne can cause you to become intoxicated quicker due to the elevated levels of carbon dioxide absorbing the alcohol into your bloodstream more efficiently.  What about beer?

Beer can make you extra bloated and gassy, as beer is highly carbonated and builds up gas in your intestines, giving you that uncomfortable, bloated feeling. Beer can also give you the common phrase “beer belly”, as when you drink beer, your body’s liver burns the alcohol instead of burning any fat from eating, so you are left with a few extra pounds gained. Always be cautious to the amount of alcohol you consume, as you can see, each type can host different effects on your body.






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