Bipolar Disorder: Getting The Facts Straight

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Bipolar disorder can be a bewildering mental health disorder to understand, approach, and manage. If you or a loved one might be living with bipolar disorder, here are some often confused facts.

Fact: Bipolar Disorder And Depression Are Not The Same

Depression is a part of bipolar disorder, but it is not the same as bipolar disorder. In fact, manic-depression, or bipolar depression, and clinical chronic depression, can differ greatly.

Fact: Medications Can’t Help Treat Bipolar Disorder

Medication of any kind should never be ruled out when it comes to treating a psychiatric disorder like bipolar. Some myths rumor that bipolar cannot be treated with certain kinds of medication. Each individual is different and needs to work with their personal care team to determine the right course of treatment.

Fact: Bipolar Disorder Can Lead To Suicide

Without proper evaluation, diagnosis, or treatment, any mental health disorder could lead to a suicide attempt. Bipolar disorder, with its varying degrees of mania and depression can be exceptionally prone to suicidal attempts. After a manic phase where someone with bipolar disorder is feeling quite good, the upcoming depression can be so drastically different it causes them to feel suicidal.

Fact: Bipolar Disorder Is Not “Insanity”

Though living with bipolar or living with someone who is learning how to manage their bipolar, certain can feel a little “crazy” at times. Appropriating the stigma of “crazy” “monster” or “insane” onto someone with bipolar disorder is damaging. Insanity is a clinical term when someone is complete detached from their ability to be of sound mind. Both bipolar I and bipolar II are not irrational mental health disorders, though they might include irrational moments. Characterized by mood swings which includes mania, someone with bipolar certainly can be prone to acting not in their best mind. However, the stage can be managed and it is not permanent.

Fact: Bipolar Disorder Can Be Managed

Those who are diagnosed with either bipolar I or bipolar II are not doomed to a life of sporadic and uncontrollable mood swings. With treatment, therapy, medication management, and holistic wellness, bipolar can be managed on a daily basis. Individuals and their families must learn how to identify triggers, spot warning signs of an impending depressive or manic state, and have solid systems in place to handle transitioning moods.

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