Narcissism Answered In One Question

ego narcissism disorder

Narcissism isn’t always a bad thing. Some of the common character traits associated with narcissism can be a plus, helping people to become leaders, become successful, and act with confidence. For example, high self-esteem, faith in one’s abilities, and a healthy focus on one’s gifts. According to Fast Company, “Where narcissism goes astray is when someone has such a high need for others’ approval that it gets in the way of them working with people.” This is called vulnerable narcissism.


Narcissists, who tend to act so grandiose and self-sufficient that they push out the idea of needing other people, might be celebrated for being more vulnerable. However, it is the vulnerable kind of narcissism which is often the most extreme as well as the most dangerous. Vulnerable narcissists, “can lash out at others when their actions and ideas are criticized,” Fast Company gives as an example. “They take more credit for what the team does than they personally had a hand in.” Additionally, they tend to move any blame from themselves to others so that nobody else might get the wrong idea about them.

Self Recognition

It turns out, according to a study cited in the article, that most narcissists, even vulnerable narcissists, are not unaware of the fact that they are narcissists; if not, at least, recognize they have some narcissistic qualities. The 2014 study found that when people were asked to evaluate their agreeance with the statement “I am a narcissist” those who had diagnosable narcissistic personality disorder, were able to admit it. Egotistical, self-focused, and vein were the definitions given for the word ‘narcissist’.

Most people write off narcissism as an incurable and unfortunate character flaw. Narcissism is not a yes or no kind of disorder. Everyone can have some varying degree of narcissistic tendencies. When narcissism becomes disruptive and impairs someone’s ability to have quality relationships in their lives, it can become painful. With ongoing psychiatric support, therapy, or treatment, narcissism can be worked on and managed.

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