Being Sober Doesn’t Have to Feel Alienating

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It is common to feel like an outcast from your inner circle when you first enter treatment and recovery. The causes are varied. Perhaps loved ones also have alcohol or substance use disorders, or all your friends hang out in settings where alcohol is readily available. Maybe you are simply not aware of many sober activities in your area. Many people who are early on their path of recovery have yet to experience any kind of sober experiences before having the experience of becoming sober themselves. It is important to note that there is plenty to be experienced in a sober lifestyle. Though the normalcy around alcohol is rampant, life in recovery can be delightful, healthy, exciting, and fulfilling. 

The Dangers of Normalized Drinking Culture

The cultural normalcy around alcohol is a significant contributor to feelings of alienation in newly sober people. It’s often deemed abnormal to not have a drink at a social gathering or party, and with it can come a lot of suspicion and questions. The truth is, though the “normalcy’ and “pleasure” around alcohol is a cultural idea, we can live healthy, happy, and exciting lives without being a part of the drinking culture. When we step outside of it and view it with sober eyes, it becomes easier not to feel the need to be a part of it anymore.

Life in Recovery Can Be Fun & Exciting

There is so much to experience once we get sober. The idea that one can only have fun when under the influence is not only false but incredibly dangerous. When under the influence, we have decreased awareness of what is happening in our lives and susceptible to acting in ways that are not true to us. We may act out in unsafe or destructive ways too. When we are first sober, we can feel bewildered as we begin to see life through the full spectrum of emotions and experiences. There is something magical to this. Once we become aware of our experiences, we find there is so much more to life than what we previously found at the bottom of a bottle. Every occasion brings pleasure when we are fully present, giving us so much more to celebrate.


Getting sober is often bewildering and sometimes alienating. You are not alone in your experience. At Avalon, we understand how difficult it can be to walk away from our old life. We want you to know that there is so much more to experience on the other side. Recovery not only offers a healthier and happier life but a vast amount of celebratory experiences simply because we are awake to them. At Avalon, we want to help you experience life’s joys. If you or someone you love is struggling to get or remain sober due to feeling alienated or out of place, call us today at (844) 857-5992. We can offer you a sense of belonging and support you need to maintain your sobriety and lead your best life.

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