Forging New Friendships in Recovery

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Forging New Friendships in Recovery

Establishing a friendship is difficult at any age. Meeting new people is tough — especially during a period of social distancing — and learning to be vulnerable with another person is typically a long and arduous process. Individuals coping with substance use disorder (SUD) and any comorbid disorders, such as anxiety, may find opening up to be more challenging than peers without SUD. Finding new friends is no easy task, but when you forge meaningful friendships with new people, you make progress in your recovery journey.

Social Activities

Reduced social interactions in our country limit ways of meeting new people, but you can still meet friends through neighborhood forums, socializing and dating apps like Bumble, and other online platforms. Your therapist may be able to recommend other events, either virtual or in-person, scheduled for individuals in recovery. Some people prefer the company of others with similar experiences regarding addiction, making these group meetings and events the perfect place to find new friends. Others may prioritize making new friends without SUD. Different cities uphold different social distancing rules. If you are in a location that allows high levels of social interaction, places like coffee shops, restaurants, parks, and gyms are great places to meet people with similar interests. Think of your favorite places to go, and try to meet people who also like to go to those places!

Sharing Your Story

You may feel very strongly about keeping your story with SUD private. You never owe anybody information about your journey, and choosing to keep your story personal is always a good idea if you are concerned about sharing it. New people who do not respect this decision are not considerate of your feelings and will most likely not make good friends. Furthermore, if you do decide to share your history of substance abuse and a new person passes negative judgment about you, then they will not make good friends, either. True friends are happy to support your recovery journey and will be understanding of your past.

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