Be Still: A Mindful Practice

Mindfulness, simply stated, is the practice of gaining self-awareness. It is derived from ancient trans-Himalayan philosophies of contemplation and cultivation of awareness. Research has shown that frequent mindfulness exercises practice produces substantial changes in trait-like predispositions to being mindful in everyday life, even without being engaged in meditation. Many mindfulness practices are used in recovery therapies. Some are meditative, and some are more active approaches to mindfulness. Though, one technique seems to be both the easiest and most challenging for some to master—the art of being still.

Find the Patience to Wait

Practicing stillness may be the most uncomplicated mindfulness technique because it’s merely taking a moment to be still and experience one’s surroundings. It is a perfect exercise to practice in nature, or anywhere else you may find peace. Stillness can be something as simple as watching the sunrise or birds in flight through the sky. However, you can also practice stillness while in the middle of chaos. This form of mindfulness is about finding a moment of silent reflection and an opportunity to connect with what it feels like to experience life from a different perspective, no matter what environment you are in. Breathing exercises are essential in this process because taking slow, deep breaths induces the parasympathetic system and slows your heart rate.

Practicing stillness helps us become aware when we are acting on auto-pilot, using trait-based tendencies on impulse. We become aware of our behaviors and how they are impacting ourselves and others. Stillness also teaches us that our choices are ours, and we are active participants in our lives. This discovery gives us the confidence to make decisions regarding our well-being without self-doubt. The skills developed from practicing stillness will follow us throughout life and can only benefit us in the long run.


The concept of “being still” may not be as easy as it sounds. Sometimes, there are roadblocks to allowing us time to relax and experience life from an outward perspective. Mental illnesses, such as anxiety or panic disorders, make it hard to find peace and stillness. Our lives can seem hectic when dealing with family, work, and relationships, but that chaos doesn’t have to be a deterrent to practicing stillness. When we learn to be still, we can experience life from a different perspective. We are also given the opportunity to detach ourselves from ego, becoming more aware of our actions and how they affect others. At Avalon Malibu, we use mindfulness-based therapies to balance your mind and body, allowing “stillness” to be easier to achieve. If you or someone you love could benefit from mindfulness-based therapies, call us today at (844) 857-5992. You deserve to live your best, healthiest life. 

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