Easy-to-Use Mindfulness-Based Stress Relief Exercises

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Body scan for healing

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) is designed to help people who suffer from chronic bouts of depression and unhappiness. Research shows it can also aid people who suffer from chronic pain and mental health disorders. MBSR prevents “downward spirals” of depression, which tend to be very hard to get out of once they start. Employing MBSR practice helps us clearly see the issues in our minds and enter an alternate mode of thinking, shifting gears from behaviors that promote downward spirals. 

MBSR Exercises to Practice at Home

The COVID-19 pandemic has made it difficult to access the care and therapies we need to maintain emotional and physical wellness. Many of us have been forced to forgo their therapeutic routines because of social distancing. Practicing MBSR techniques at home can help you manage stress and bridge the gap in care caused by coronavirus.

  1. Body Scan: Find a comfortable spot to lie on your back. Begin breathing deeply and try to relax your muscles. Focus on each part of your body, beginning at the toes and working your way up. Become aware of the feelings in each part of your body and breath deeply and repeat positive affirmations until each part of the body is fully relaxed before moving on.
  2. Mindful Stretching: Yoga is considered a form of mindful stretching, but any set of stretches you know or are comfortable with can work. The key is to practice deep breathing and focus on the way the stretching relaxes your muscles. 
  3. Object Meditation: Choose an object that is special or interesting to you and hold it. Try to prevent other thoughts from creeping into your mind or thinking too much about the object itself. If a stray thought creeps in, acknowledge it briefly and allow it to float away. Object meditation is a particularly helpful tool for facilitating the ability to be in a meditative state while functioning in the “real world” because you learn to keep your mind calm and focused on everyday objects.



There are many different types of MBSR exercises. Try experimenting with each of them  and choose the ones that are most effective and feasible for you.

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction helps us to curtail the escalation of negative thoughts by focusing on the present moment and helping us get back in touch with the experience of being human. Mindfulness-based therapies do not need to be practiced in a clinical setting, making them convenient to employ whenever needed. Many facilities have adopted mindfulness therapies into their treatment models. At Avalon Malibu, we offer mindfulness practices like yoga and qi gong as part of the wide array of experiential, therapeutic and behavioral therapies available to you. Our compassionate, experienced staff will work with you to choose the best therapies to treat your unique needs. Located in Malibu, California, we specialize in treating people with co-occurring substance use and mental health conditions. We help you build the skills and confidence to return to the community prepared to overcome any challenges and lead a successful and sober life. Call us today (844)857-5992.


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