Are There Foods To Make You Happier?

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green apples and chocolate

A growing amount of research is suggesting that mood and happiness could be linked to your stomach. Your gut produces bacteria to break down food. Bacteria can either be good or bad. Nobody is in a good mood when their stomach is upset. The science is similar. When the gut microbiome is upset because of trying to process unhealthy foods, it puts the brain in a bad mood. Good bacteria, on the other hand, which makes the tummy happy, makes the brain happy as well. Foods rich in probiotics are often fermented foods like kimchi and sauerkraut. Probiotics can also be found in yogurt or food that has had probiotics put into it.

Natural produce

Just shopping for and looking at fruits and vegetables might put more of a smile on your face. Produce is beautiful. Nature produces beautiful food that tastes good as well. The brain prefers to eat whole, natural foods, as opposed to processed foods which are full of preservatives and chemicals. Natural produce has the best vitamins and minerals to supplement the brain. Many of the essential minerals and vitamins the brain needs only comes from foods like fruits and vegetables.


Specifically, dark chocolate. There’s a saying for people who have a tendency toward people pleasing, you’re not chocolate, you can’t fix everything. Chocolate is a globally admired treat. Used in different cultures for different reasons, chocolate is a delicious delicacy. Dark chocolate is full of antioxidants and good caffeine which stimulates the brain. Besides, chocolate is chocolate, after all.


Mushrooms have all kinds of healing properties for the body and the mind. Specific mushrooms can heal physical pain and relieve mental stress. Mushrooms are a good choice for happy food because they are rich in selenium. When discussing depression, we most often hear about dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine as important chemicals in the brain. Selenium deficiency can also contribute to depression and feelings of depression. A diet with regular consumption of mushrooms can boost your mood and improve your happiness.


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