After Treatment For Mental Illness, How Do I Move Forward With My Life

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Transitioning back into everyday life is a challenge after being in the routine, safety, and comfort of treatment. If you are doing a step down process, you will have outpatient or aftercare services where you can continue to check in with a professional staff as well as your recovery peers. Remember that you are capable of handling life on life’s terms.

Examine Your Job
Some of us left jobs behind to seek treatment and have the opportunity to return to them. Others did not have jobs and are now able to seek out part time or full time employment as a result of recovery. Work is where we end up spending a majority of our time unless we have a special schedule or are retired. It is important for your work environment to be conducive to your mental health. Though the economy is struggling and jobs are hard, you must trust that your mental wellness is more important than this job. If you are experiencing stress, abuse, emotional distress, or not enough opportunities to take breaks and take care of yourself, it might be time to look for another job. You deserve to be in a place where you feel okay. Your job life can have a ripple effect on the rest of your life. Treatment was hard work and you went through a lot to get here. If necessary, move forward from this job, career, or company, to another one.

Examine Your Environment
After treatment, sometimes home doesn’t feel like home anymore. We might have left behind a path of destruction or many memories of a painful past. Cleaning up the wreckage is part of our recovery, but we also have the right to move forward from our environment to start fresh. Moving forward from your last home life before treatment can take a few different forms. You can:
Move entirely
Move to a different area of the same town
Do a deep cleaning and get rid of triggering things

Small changes can make a big impact in the home. Paint color can change the tone of the house. A new bedset can completely change the mood of the room. Ultimately, the way your house looks does not dictate your emotions. However, it can help you to feel more welcomed, safe, and secure, when you get home each day.

Examine Your Feelings
Treatment for mental illness has taught you how to identify, communicate, and manage your emotions. A drastic move or career change might not be the best idea. Before making any major decisions, take time to mindfully check in with yourself to see what might be coming up.

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