3 Important Tips For Addiction Recovery

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Recovery requires inspiration. If you are ready to face your addiction and get sober, be inspired by these three important tips and words of encouragement.

Don’t Give Up

Some days are going to be harder than others. Doubt is going to overshadow hope. A day might fly by or it will crawl. Weathering the storm now will put you in the best place to face more storms in the future without turning to drugs and alcohol. Even when you feel you’ve hit your limit and you’ve got nothing left- don’t give up. You can and you will make it. It’s completely possible. Feel your feelings, experience your experiences. Take it one single day or one single hour at a time.

You’re The Only One You Can Do This For

People try to get sober to please other people- the wife that won’t stop crying, the parents who cut us off, the friends who don’t want to hang out with us anymore. We get sober for our children, we get sober for our jobs, we get sober for the government and the law. Dedicating our sobriety and doing it in honor of people is one thing, but doing it for other people is another. This journey is about you. Nobody else is doing what you are doing right now. Your recovery is yours. As a result, everyone else in your life will be affected. People rarely make it when it isn’t about them changing their own lives for their own lives sake. Why? The truth

It’s Worth It

Right now in the depths of your struggles you might not be able to see how. Going through detox, suffering symptoms of withdrawal, dealing with uncomfortable and unfamiliar emotions…it all seems like too much. Looking into the future brings you nothing but anxiety and that’s hard to handle right now. If you could look and see what millions of others around the world are seeing every day, you might paint a different picture for yourself. You don’t have to know how or why, but you have to trust that it simply will be. Your life is about to change in ways you can only begin to predict. You are going to feel better, be happier, and live differently. Every struggle, every trial, and every tribulation is worth it. One day you are going to look back and realize the people who told you that were right all along.

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