10 Things You Can Do For Self Care This Year

going on an adventure
  • Go On An Adventure. Living with mental illness can feel limiting at times, but it is quite the opposite. Learning to live with a mental illness means learning to live. Feel the fullness of life by planning and taking an adventure. See a place you’ve never gone, pick a destination of somewhere you’ve always wanted to go, choose the place on the map you never thought you’d see. Travel has a way of opening up the heart and the mind to what is possible in life.
  • Overcome A Fear. Mental health conditions such as anxiety can create a lot of fear which prevent us from authentically experiencing life. Recovery from mental illness means that you have the ability to confront your fears and walk through them. You’ll boost your confidence and prove to yourself that you can do anything in this world, even with a mental illness.
  • Do Something Nice For Yourself You Don’t Do. You know you’ve been wanting to get a massage every month or treat yourself to the local pre-fixe dinner. Take a look at your budget and find out where it might work.If you can afford it, stop telling yourself you don’t deserve it. This year, go for the things you usually wouldn’t let yourself have out of fear. Maintain healthy boundaries for yourself, but enjoy the adventure of fulfilling your own needs.
  • Change Your Diet. Self care is a holistic activity influencing mind body and spirit. Changing up a diet plan is an invigorating and inspiring way to change things up.
  • Clean More Often. For many, part of self care involves being more organized, clean, and tidy. Keeping your space clean will help reduce your symptoms of stress due to your mental health condition.
  • Read More Books. So much can be learned from the wisdom of a book. You can go new place,s learn new things, and meet new people when you read moe books. Everything exists within the pages.

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