Am I An Adult With ADHD?

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Many young adults and adults who come to treatment are shocked to find out they’ve been living their lives with untreated ADHD. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder affects millions of adults- many of whom are unaware of the struggle they live with on a daily basis. For someone who has ADHD, their mind is running, all the time. Loop thinking, constant distraction, an inability to sit still, difficulty being productive, and a general feeling of never being able to reach one’s potential is challenging to cope with. ADHD is a highly co-occurring disorder with alcoholism and drug addiction. When someone with untreated ADHD experiments recreationally with drugs and alcohol, they find a certain kind of relief. Compared to the ongoing noise and debilitation happening inside their minds, the way they feel under the influence of drugs and alcohol is preferable.


ADHD in adults can be treated with medication. Typically, ADHD medications are amphetamines, or, stimulants. Abuse of and addiction to stimulant ADHD medication is common. Some research suggests that people who have taken ADHD medication since a young age were being set up for addiction. Thankfully, there are non-stimulant solutions in medicating and treating ADHD. Treating ADHD takes more than taking a pill. Certain lifestyle changes, habits, and routines have to be set up to create organization and calm.

Here are some symptoms of Adult ADHD:

  • Difficulty getting organized to complete a certain task which requires great concentration or thought
  • Generally messy or disorganized- something is always missing, out of place, or just cluttered
  • Impulsivity, recklessness, and dangerous behaviors
  • Shortened attention span in classes, movies, business meetings, and even in conversations with loved ones
  • Severe procrastination which leads to missing deadlines, doing a poor job on a project, and feelings of frustration, guilt, and shame for the individual
  • Difficulty making and sticking to priorities like an important project for a job; a person with ADHD can spend endless time doing something unimportant while something of a timely matter sits unattended
  • Outbursts of emotions are common as having ADHD can feel like one’s thoughts are out of their control, causing deep frustrating, sadness, fear, and anger

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