You Are Never Stuck

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You Are Never Stuck

There are moments in recovery from substance use and mental illness where you may feel stuck in the progress you are making. Perhaps it seems as if your recovery has regressed, like you have hit a wall, or you have simply plateaued.

It is important to remember that although sometimes it is hard to move forward, you are never really stuck.

Being Stuck Is an Illusion

The mind is incredible at making meaning out of even the most meaningless situations. Maybe you feel like you are not making forward progress in the goals you have for yourself. When you do not progress like you think you “should,” the mind creates the story that you are stuck.

What if not making progress in the ways you have expected yourself to on the timeline you may have envisioned does not mean you are stuck, but that where you are is okay? What if you are simply in process of figuring out what works for you and the timeline for your life and healing?

Focus on What Is Working

When you feel as if nothing you are doing is working, it can be helpful to focus on what is working for you, and the ways in which you are experiencing change. What aspects of life and recovery feel good? What things are you doing now that are working for you? Focusing on what works can help you keep going.

Releasing Control

Letting go of the idea that you are stuck also includes letting go of control. So often, you might have expectations of where you should be in your life, what healing should look like, and how you “should” feel.

Sometimes, the most difficult thing is not where you are or what you are feeling, but the tight grip you have on your expectations that force you to be somewhere you are not. Let go, and you may find that the key to moving forward is found where you are when you allow yourself to be there.

Healing Is Not Linear

You have likely heard it before, but healing is not linear. There will be ups and downs, seasons of progression and seasons of regression, and times when things hold steady. Healing is a process. You are never really “done” healing. This can create space for you to release the pressure you have on yourself to do it quickly, perfectly, and without trial and error.

When feeling stuck, it can feel like you have come to a block in the road. In these moments, you may feel tested, and like nothing you are doing is working. During these seasons, focus on what is working, surrender control, and remember that healing is not linear.

Feeling stuck is part of changing, and that does not mean change is not happening. Healing is not linear and does not have a timeline. At Avalon Malibu, we recognize how challenging recovery and healing can be, and are here to support you through learning to release control and accept yourself where, how, and as you are while you take the actions needed to reach your goals. If you are ready for support in your growth, call Avalon Malibu today at (844) 857-5992.

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