Writing Therapy – Finding Sobriety With Words

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Writing Therapy At California Rehab - Finding Sobriety With Words

One thing we have found from operating our California rehab is this – no two clients are exactly alike but all the clients we see can be described as emotionally broken in some way. The addiction can be termed a symptom of a greater issue that needs to be addressed for the people we treat, even though it is a chronic disease that must be treated as well.

Masking Pain With Substance Addiction

In the case of someone who is looking at going to a California rehab for addiction treatment, that person is likely to have started using drugs or alcohol as a reaction to some type of pain.

If he or she lacked confidence or needed to feel calmer, drinking or taking sedatives could have helped to take the edge off those types of uncomfortable feelings. A person who was dealing with undiagnosed depression could turn to a drug that gave him or her a burst of energy for a while.

There are also people who just want to zone out for a time, due to overwhelming stress, poor self-esteem, unresolved grief, or because they experienced trauma that they never resolved. Prescription drug addicts start off seeking relief from their physical symptoms and end up in a cycle of taking more medicine than what was originally prescribed for them to get the same effects as originally experienced.

Writing Therapy As A Means Of Healing

Writing therapy is a type of expressive therapy, where participants use their words to look at their thoughts and emotions. Clients can use this technique to explore past events, unresolved experiences in the present, their relationships with others, etc.

When clients at our California rehab for alcohol abuse use our writing therapy treatment, they direct their attention to a specific concern or problem. By shining a light on it, they focus on the source of their stress and their response to it. Over time, they become desensitized to their original negative thoughts and feelings about that particular person, situation, or event.

Next, the writing therapist works with the client to start changing the way they think about that stressor. This works in the same way that cognitive behavior therapy teaches participants to improve the way they feel by changing their thought processes. Over time, a client at our trusted California rehab can develop skills to leave old thought patterns and behaviors behind as they move forward into a life that is free from the influence of drugs and alcohol.

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