Why You Should Add Binaural Beats to Mindfulness Therapy

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Binaural beats seem to be the new trend in mindfulness practices. You can find hundreds of videos on YOUTUBE or other streaming services labeled, “theta for relaxation” or “beta for focus.” But what exactly are binaural beats and what are they supposed to do? Most importantly, do they work? Binaural beats have been around longer than you think and there is a science behind the concept.

What are Binaural Beats?

While many people think binaural beats are a new trend, they have been around for quite a while. Binaural beats is an auditory illusion that was discovered in 1839 by a Prussian meteorologist. To create binaural beats, slightly different frequencies are played into the right and left ears causing the sounds to travel separately into the part of your brain that processes auditory input. The tones meld together in the brain to create one beat at a new frequency. For example, if a 200 hertz (Hz) frequency is played in the right ear and a 210 Hz frequency is played in the left, they will merge into a 10 Hz frequency.

Benefits of Binaural Beats

The new frequencies that are produced by binaural beats are said to have a variety of benefits. The beats are categorized by their frequencies. Low-frequency beats are labeled as delta and theta. These beats are helpful for getting better sleep, pain relief, healing, and meditation. Other frequencies like gamma beats are considered high-frequency and help with high-level cognition, memory recall, and peak awareness. Using binaural beats with your mindfulness therapy can have added benefits.

For example, if part of your mindfulness therapy is meditation, then adding a theta binaural beat will help you reach the level of meditation you desire. Playing binaural beats at night as you sleep will help you fall asleep and also help you fall into deeper stages of sleep. Delta frequencies are considered helpful with deep sleep while theta frequencies help achieve REM sleep. Several research studies have been conducted on binaural beats which shows their benefits. While not intended to replace any other treatment or therapy binaural beats may serve to enhance other treatments.


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