Why Holistic Practices Have Become Increasingly Popular in the United States

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Why Holistic Practices Have Become Increasingly Popular in the United States

The American Holistic Health Association (AHHA) explains that holistic health is an approach to life. It emphasizes the connection of the mind, body and spirit – and with this approach, we’re all responsible for maintaining our own levels of wellbeing. Holistic practices in addiction recovery are used to help restore the balance of a person, and they’ve become increasingly popular as Western societies have begun realizing just how much of an impact these practices can have on a person’s wellness. Susan Walter, MBA and current president of AHHA, explained that holistic health is based on several truths:

  •    It’s more than simply not being sick – it’s about viewing wellness as a continuum, and we all lie on different spectrums ranging from premature death to optimum well-being.
  •    Holistic health is an ongoing process; a lifestyle that can always be improved, no matter the current health status of an individual.
  •    Everyday lifestyle choices take up 53% of a person’s holistic health, with medical care, heredity and environment accounting for the rest.
  •    Quality of life, overall, is determined by the small, seemingly “unimportant” decisions that we make everyday.

Last year, Well and Good, an online magazine that publishes relevant stories related to food, travel, exercise, health and more, explained that holistic care has been filling in the gaps that traditional healthcare doesn’t. Rather than simply taking medicine for a “quick fix”, holistic care places more of the responsibility in our hands – and provides us with tools to actively participate in our own healing processes. Take, for example, meditation and yoga – two holistic practices that, if we remain determined and persistent in pursuing, we’ll reap benefits from in more ways than one.

Holistic practices go along well with traditional practices, and that’s another reason why it’s become so seamlessly integrated into addiction treatment today. If you’re ready to take a step toward better health, speak with a professional from Avalon Malibu today.

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