What to Let Go of to Discover Inner Peace

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What to Let Go of to Discover Inner Peace

Discovering inner peace requires a pattern of asking yourself what you need to feel at peace with yourself while letting go of what you do not need. It also means beginning to trust yourself rather than judge yourself and accept where you are rather than force yourself to be somewhere you are not. 

Healing and Inner Peace 

Healing is a journey of finding inner peace as you get closer to your authentic self. To heal from addiction and trauma, you must actively seek the things that will push out negative thoughts and bring in renewed light and peace.

Releasing What Is No Longer Yours to Hold 

Let go of old ways of being that no longer serve you, expectations that are not yours to meet, and beliefs that were never yours to carry. Getting curious about what you are holding onto that is unnecessary weight can shed light and awareness on beliefs and actions that are causing you anxiety in life. 

It could be helpful to brain dump in a journal all the thoughts, beliefs, and stories you tell yourself that lead to distress. It can also be helpful to get curious about when and how this belief or story started. In knowing the origins of how you came to be the way you are, you can externalize these voices from who you truly are.

Getting Curious About What You Desire and Need

It can become so easy to get stuck on autopilot, waiting for the other shoe to drop. You may forget you have the autonomy to create what you desire and give yourself what you need. 

It may feel challenging at first if you have never asked yourself what you need, which is why it is essential to create safety in tuning in to yourself and asking this question. To cultivate safety in this practice of calling you back to yourself, ask yourself what you need each day.

Letting go of what takes away peace so you can welcome in that which does lead to inner peace is a process of letting go of who you are not to become who you are. It involves releasing what is no longer yours, getting curious about what you desire, and giving yourself what you need to find peace. 

Experiencing inner peace after a lifetime of chaos may feel unsafe at first as your nervous system may be wired to seek chaos for survival. At Avalon Malibu, we recognize how hard it can be to let go of old ways of being that have kept you safe but are now keeping you stuck. Our team of professionals is here to support you to get curious about what inner peace means, looks like, and feels like for you. If you are ready to begin your journey, call Avalon Malibu today at (844) 857-5992 to learn about our recovery programs.

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