What Kind Of Dangers Does Alcohol Abuse Present?

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Alcohol presents three kinds of dangers. First, alcohol is a danger to yourself. Second, alcohol is a danger to others. Lastly, alcohol is a danger to your community.

Danger To Yourself

Alcohol is a toxic substance. When you consume large quantities of alcohol you are introducing toxins to every area of your body. It is little coincidence that alcohol makes you feel wonderful and terrible at the same time. Though alcohol produces euphoria because of the way it stimulates dopamine production, it also creates sickness. People who are intoxicated under the influence of alcohol, vomit, experience digestive issues, and have hangover. The body is responding to the high levels of toxicity being introduced through alcohol. Overtime, when the body and the brain develop a chemical dependency, the alcohol causes more damage. Liver damage is common with alcohol abuse as chronic alcohol exposure kills liver cells. Liver cancer and liver failure can happen. Alcohol is dehydrating, which can damage the kidneys over time. Causing high blood pressure, heart rate, and inflammation, alcohol abuse contributes to heart attack and heart failure. Lastly, alcohol damages the brain, which can create permanent damage, speech impediment, or shutdown of the brain called “wet brain.

Danger To Others

  • 86% of homicides include people who were drinking
  • 50% of sexual assault include alcohol abuse
  • 1 death every 51 minutes is caused by an alcohol-related accident
  • 31.9% of traffic fatalities are caused by drunk driving

Alcohol is a danger to others in more ways than causing physical harm and/or death. When you abuse alcohol, you hurt the people around you because you change your relationship with them. Alcohol changes the way you think, act, and behave, in ways that are hurtful to others. In the simplest of ways, you might say something you regret, do something you regret, or at in a way that you regret. When alcoholism becomes more advanced, you might steal, cheat, lie, and manipulate in ways that hurt people you love emotionally, financially, and more. Alcohol intoxication presents a danger to yourself and to other people as well as to your community.

Danger To Your Community

People who get behind the wheel when they are intoxicated under the influence of alcohol are a danger. People who walk around the streets intoxicated on alcohol are a danger. 100,000 deaths are caused by alcohol abuse every single year. Each year, alcoholism and all of it’s effects on the person, others around them, and their community costs a whopping $100 billion every year.


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