What Is Your Personal Mission Statement?

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What Is Your Personal Mission Statement?

When beginning a healing journey from addiction and mental illness, it can be helpful to have a personal mission statement to help you remember what your goals are, make decisions in alignment with your values, and ground you in your vision for your future.

Defining Your Why

Recovery from addiction and mental illness aside, inspecting your “why” when it comes to life and being human can be a process that gives you insight into what you value and desire in your life. Knowing what your why is, as well as your intentions behind actions and choices, can help you gain clarity on what your personal mission statement is.

Some questions to ask yourself to discover your personal mission statement are:

  • What is it I desire most in my life?
  • What are short and long-term goals I have for myself?
  • What will healing give me space to create?
  • What is my intention behind being and living?

The answers to these questions may change over time, which is why it is important to continue checking in with yourself as you grow, learn, and change.

Aligning With Your Values

Sometimes decision-making can be difficult, especially when it comes to decisions that can either be catalysts for change or keep you stuck. To simplify and bring more ease to making choices in your everyday life, it can be helpful to think about your values and begin making decisions from this space.

To create change and experience healing, you must make decisions and take actions that align with the change you want to affect in your life and in the world.

Anchoring Into Your Why

Leaning into your personal mission statement can help you ground yourself when you are feeling overwhelmed in your healing journey. Perhaps it feels like you will never reach your goals, like you are stuck, or like you are unsure of when you will feel more open, joyful, and present in your life. Something as simple as remembering why you are doing what you are doing can help give you peace of mind during uncertain times.

Healing is a journey. Recovery and creating change take time. To create more ease in this process, it can help to determine your personal mission statement by anchoring into your why and aligning with your values to make decisions from a space of authenticity and self-trust.

Defining and anchoring into your why when it comes to recovery and healing can help you understand what you are working toward and stay grounded when healing feels challenging. Choosing to break out of familiar patterns and choose differently is hard as it goes against what you know. At Avalon Malibu, we are here to support you in this process of healing and recovery. If you are ready to begin or continue healing, call Avalon Malibu today at (844) 857-5992.

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