What Are The Signs And Symptoms Of Meth Detox?

meth addict

Methamphetamine, most popularly known as “crystal meth” or “ice” is a powerful synthetic stimulant drug. Addiction to meth can have a serious effect on the mind and body, making detox a fragile time period during someone’s recovery from drugs and alcohol. Most of the symptoms of meth detox are directly opposite to the symptoms of being under the influence of meth. Addiction to meth can be identified through symptoms like:

  • Rapid weight loss or total loss of appetite. Meth is a powerful stimulant drug which drives the body with an abundant amount of energy. Stimulated beyond the point of hunger, people addicted to meth can go days without eating. As a result, they lose a tremendous amount of weight and often look very hollow in the face or sickly.
  • Insomnia and staying awake for many days. Some meth addicts have reported staying awake for 10 days or more under the constant influence of meth. Keeping the brain stimulated for many days without sleep causes a blackout period. “Coming down” from meth can include not knowing where one is, how they got there, or what has happened in many days.
  • Paranoia and Psychosis: The brain is not meant to run on such high stimulation chronically. Meth addiction can cause a hypervigilant brain which results in paranoia and psychosis.

Symptoms Of Meth Detox

Detox from meth is necessary if the abuse of the drug has been severe and recent. Detox is for those who have recently been under a heavy influence of the drug. Clinically supervised detox is recommended for withdrawing from Meth because of how volatile the drug is, leading to severe effects, including:

  • Severe hunger and insatiable appetite. In a clinical detox, clients have all day access to food, often with a private chef and many healthy snacks. Rather than binge on whatever is available, clients are provided healthy and nutritious meals in detox.
  • Exhaustion and Fatigue: Especially for recovering meth addicts, sleeping during detox is important. Spending so many years stimulated and awake can leave someone exhausted. Under the 24/7 supervision of trained nurses, a client’s vitals can be taken, medication can be administered, and there is often an intravenous flow of important vitamins while they sleep.
  • Depression and anxiety. Depression and anxiety are common withdrawal symptoms for detox from almost any substance. Methamphetamine is a central nervous system drug, which means that it has a more direct access to the brain than other substances. Reward systems and pleasure systems in the brain are altered more significantly in meth addiction, leading to a bigger reaction in detox.

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