Valentine’s Day in Recovery

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With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, you may be hearing a lot of talk about love, romance, and relationships. Typically, Valentine’s Day is a holiday meant to celebrate that special someone. If you’re not presently in a relationship, chances are that days like these might leave you feeling a little left out. Seeing seemingly happy relationships all around you, maybe you find yourself wondering if it’s time you sought one out for yourself. If you’re in recovery from addiction, however, the answer to this question can be a bit more complicated, as there are many more factors to consider. 

Considering a Relationship in Recovery

Valentine’s Day can have many romanticizing the idea of a relationship. For those in addiction recovery, however, relationships can be a distraction from focusing on their sobriety goals. Taking an honest inventory of your readiness to engage in a romantic relationship is important to support your long-term recovery. 

Take Some Time to Focus on Yourself

Generally, it is suggested that the first year of recovery should be used to focus on personal growth and creating a solid foundation in your sobriety. The recovery process involves many ups and downs, which are emotionally taxing on their own. Adding a relationship to the mix tends to intensify the experience of emotional volatility. Distractions caused by the relationship can result in decreased commitment to learning new and healthy ways to cope with the emotions that surface. Unfortunately, this often leads to relapse. Instead of focusing on romantic relationships during the first year of your recovery, consider cultivating friendships and building a solid support system. 

Make Your Recovery Your Priority

Whether you are in a relationship or not, remember your priorities. Maintaining a healthy relationship is directly dependent on your ability to stay sober. Without it, you’d more than likely lose your relationship. At the very least, the quality would suffer greatly. Talk with your recovery network and make a list of what needs to be done daily in order to continue progressing through your recovery goals. Maybe your list includes things like attending meetings, talking to your sponsor and seeking spiritual connection. Whatever you come up with, commit to it and seek ways to stay accountable. Relationships can be an added stressor on early recovery. Being prepared for these stressors by putting your sobriety first will give you and your relationship your best chance. 

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