Using Mindfulness in Recovery: Tips and Techniques to Explore

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Using Mindfulness in Recovery: Tips and Techniques to Explore

Mindfulness is the practice of staying grounded, aware of one’s surroundings and what they are doing, and not feeling overwhelmed or over-reactive about what’s happening in their environment. Mindfulness can help greatly with addiction recovery because it opens mental space for the development of tools to be used in stressful situations and to better work through challenging thoughts and feelings. For example, mindfulness has been used in cognitive-behavioral therapy and has helped individuals with anger, anxiety and circumstances that could increase a person’s risk for relapse.

Here are some important tips that you should remember when practicing mindfulness, whether formally or informally:

        Mindfulness often works best alongside other treatment practices.

        Mindfulness can yield incredibly positive changes in a person’s life if they remain dedicated.

        Anyone can practice mindfulness – and it doesn’t cost anything to become involved in it.

        Mindfulness is evidenced based; a 2018 study published in the journal Addiction Science and Clinical Practice found that mindfulness practice can increase a person’s memory and learning capabilities, can help with inhibitory control as well as emotion regulation over time.

        Mindfulness does not mean increased happiness; rather, it’s about learning to accept whatever is happening in life just as it is. It’s about not trying to change what’s going on around you – but to embrace the present moment for what it realistically is.

        It’s easy to find resources for mindfulness, and there are many meet-ups where a person can practice things like meditation or yoga.

Please note that the benefits of mindfulness take time – but with practice and dedication, a person can experience some truly transformational results. 

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