A Look Into Neuroscience And What It Can Tell Us About Addiction 

A Look Into Neuroscience And What It Can Tell Us About Addiction 

Addiction is a complex brain disease, and neuroscience can open up many pathways for understanding as we dive further into it. Last year, Medical News Today, a website that publishes information related to various health conditions, explained that neuroscientists “focus on the brain and its impact on behavior and cognitive functions, or how people think.” There are a wide range of research interests within neuroscience, such as: mathematics, science, chemistry, philosophy, psychology and medicine. With neuroscience, a number of aspects of nervous system are explored:

  •   Cellular levels
  •   Functional levels
  •   Behavioral levels
  •   Evolutionary levels
  •   Computational levels
  •   Molecular levels
  •   Medical levels

In many cases, these explorations lead to the development of new types of treatment for a number of conditions and medications as well. The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) explains that neuroscience can provide reasoning and crucial information for scientists to work with when combatting addiction in our communities; Harvard Medical School emphasized that through neuroscience research, we’ve been able to uncover a number of aspects of addiction that we otherwise wouldn’t have known about, such as the changes in the brain that occur when addiction is present, the therapeutic strategies that can target certain areas of the brain and more. 

Addiction affects three primary areas of the brain. The anticipation of using a particular substances starts in the prefrontal cortex. Binge drug use and intoxication then affects the basal ganglia, and the extended amygdala becomes impacted when withdrawal occurs. This understanding of the brain helps us to not only understand why we’re experiencing specific moments but also what we can do to help restore functioning.

In a formal treatment program, you’ll be given the opportunity to learn more about the neuroscience behind addiction – and you’ll discover some effective strategies for recovery as well. If you’re ready to begin your holistic journey, speak with a professional from Avalon Malibu today.

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