Tips For Starting Your Own Holistic Wellness Practice

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Addiction is a disease which affects mind, body, and spirit. As you transition out of the structure of treatment, you will have to put into practice what you learned about taking care of yourself in each of these areas. You can do it!


Treatment can provide a wonderful luxury when you meet with a yoga teacher a couple of times a week. Outside of treatment, all the yoga tools, especially yoga classes, can become expensive. If you are able to afford equipment and a yoga studio membership, you are in good stead! Commit yourself to going a few days a week to try out different style classes. You can find a “class pass” program in your area which allows you to try out different yoga studios for a monthly fee.

If you have to make yoga work for you, here are a few simple tips:

  • Find yoga on Youtube or through an app! There are dozens of yoga teachers and gurus putting their exercises and body-specific combinations on the internet. Apps can be accessed anywhere you go, with or without a wifi connection.
  • You can buy used yoga mats or find them for very cheap.
  • You don’t need fancy leggings or gear to get in a good yoga practice. Try yoga in your underwear!

Healthy Eating

You are more likely to eat healthy if you buy food with which you have to cook. Instead of eating out, commit your food budget to fresh groceries. Nervous about using the right amount of ingredients without wasting time, money, and food? Look for a box subscription that provides you with exactly what you need to create meals which will last into leftovers. You can find organic food boxes, food-allergy sensitive food boxes, and even boxes meant for slow cooker recipes.

Spiritual Care

Your spiritual care program will be unique to you. What do you need to feel connected, get grounded, and relax? Set up time to take care of your skin, indulge your senses, have fun, meditate, and reflect. You’ll start taking care of yourself body, mind, and spirit, just like you learned to do in treatment.

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